But is T-Shirt Bed linen REALLY non-iron??

But is T-Shirt Bed linen REALLY non-iron??

But is T-Shirt bed linen REALLY non-iron?

So we get this question ALL the time....and I know its really hard to believe folks but YES, it seriously is!

In a nutshell, T-shirt fabric is knitted and not woven like regular bed linen which means it has WAY more movement and 'give' than normal bed linen. 

What this  means in real life is that creases don't hold like they usually do.

Which means that you NEVER have to iron your sheets again (hallelujah!) but also that your bed ALWAYS looks perfect....even after a night sleep. This was a really huge positive for me. Nothing, and I mean nothing kills me more than going through the mission of changing my bed linen today only to wake up to crinkly, slept-in looking bedding 12 hours later! And as my hubby insists on high quality bedding only, the crease-factor is even worse.  So in our household, T-Shirt bedding is kind of a miracle....100% cotton AND 100% non-iron. Oh, and 100% approved by fussy husband to boot! 

But as they say, the proof is in the pudding. So I did a little experiment to prove how amazing this bedding really is....

Two pillowcases, one from The T-Shirt Bed Co. (not ironed) and another Egyptian cotton. (ironed)

Scrunch them into a ball,pop them into a nifty little bag and wait 2 hours. Tick Tock.

And BOOM....crinkles GALORE on the regular linen and not a crease on the T-Shirt pillowcase! 

Can we just examine this up close and personal.....

And Ahhh, my OCD can now calm down to a slow panic....not a crease in sight. 

Thank you universe!

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  • Alvinita -

    Your bedding is so awesome , no need to Iron for sure the little one likes it

  • Zahraa -

    Hi I want to buy duvet covers &sheets from your company for my twins but would love to have a look . Where would I be able to see your stock in Nelspruit. Or otherwise Johannesburg as I do travel there for work often? Kind regards Zahraa

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